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Friday, October 06, 2006

Tan Sri Chua exit Road Builder Holdings Bhd (RBH)

Tan Sri Chua Hock Chin, in a notice filed to Bursa Malaysia, announced that he had resigned as director and executive vice-chairman of RBH after selling 68 million RBH shares at RM3 each on Tuesday. He still holds 41 shares in RBH.

The former Penang Chung Ling High School student graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Civil Engineering) degree from Queen's University of Belfast, N. Ireland, and Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration from Wisconsin International University, US.

Chua joined the Public Works Department in 1973 before pursuing his career in the private sector.

From traffic controller to billionaire

Sub-contractor of RBH still remember Tan Sri Chua early day with Public Works Department where he gave direction to their lorry movement. It took only short period of time for a traffic controller to become a billionaire. Thanks to the contruction of North-South Expressway. Other beneficiaries of NSE include Gamuda.


Rumours in the market said his first breakthrough come when he land his first contract....contruction of a road in Pahang state. The project earn him a bitumen factory call Damanjaya Manufacturing & Trading Sdn Bhd. The company has been disposed off to ACP Industries Bhd (ACPI) and now call ACP-DMT Sdn Bhd. ACPI now under MTD group whereas Tan Sri Chus still used holding company Damanjaya Sdn Bhd to hold his shares in Road Builder Holdings Bhd.

the 56-year old founder of RBH has left a legacy of building up RBH into one of the country's largest construction groups. Chua, who founded Road Builder (M) Sdn Bhd in 1985, took the company public in 1993. Today, RBH has diversified into property development, toll roads and ports, and has a market capitalisation of RM1.4bil.


Chua founded Propel Bhd in 1988 and has listed the company on Main Board of KLSE. He, however, has disposed off the company to UEM Group.

Pati Sdn Bhd

Road Builder Holdings Bhd has disposed off it 50% associated Pati Sdn Bhd to UEM Builders Bhd after Asia financial crisis.

Good Exist Strategy

From the record above. Tan Sri Chua usually exit a company in good timing. Company he disposed off usually fail to growth after he exit.

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hew said...

i think you mean "exit" right and not "exist"? :)

Peter said...

Thank you for the correction

Old Man said...

I notice Tan Sri "disposes" his companies to bumiputra concerns -- do you know why?

Peter said...

Hi old man,

Sorry for late reply.

Tan Sri Chua has closed relationship with bumiputra enterpreneur especially Pahang royal family initially and later Tan Sri Halim Saad.

Under Malaysia's New Economy Policy. A lot of project was awarded to bumiputra. Damanjaya,Propel dispose off to Renong Group when Tan Sri Halim Saad heading the group.

Pati was a 50:50 percent joint venture between RBH and UEM group. UEM acquired the balance 50% after Asia financial crisis and departure of Halim Saad.

For RBH, Tan Sri Chua dispose off the company to IJM, a company that ultimately control control by Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary. IJM appear has a clear seperation between ownership and management. The company still run by it previous professional management team head by Datuk Krishnan Tan.