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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Real independent Managing Director in her 20s

My last post on 20 something Managing Director generate a lot of feedback online and offline. Unfortunately, Carmen Chua still have her father to coach and incubate her as her company Executive Chairman.

A week ago, The Star feature a 23 year old Managing Director of Clearwater Development Sdn Bhd...Dian Lee Cheng Ling. She is the eldest daughter of property tycoon Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew, the founder and chieftain of the Country Heights Holdings group, was named the Property Man of the Year in 1996 by Fiabci (International Real Estate Federation) Malaysian chapter.

Dian is the eldest of three girls and two boys. She reiterated that Clearwater Development was an entirely independent entity from Country Heights Holdings. What did Dad have to say about her striking out on her own as a property developer? He was supportive but, at the same time, reacted like any father would. He had his concerns, and when I needed advice I would go to him. Once in a while, he would give a bright idea as to how a unit should be launched, etcetera, but it just nice to sound him out,?Lee told The Star.

The profile of Lee’s partners reveals what one can expect of the project. They include renowned Singapore-based architect Sim Boon Yang and the rest — two investment bankers and a female lawyer — are based in Hong Kong. Except for Lee, her partners are in their 30s and 40s.

The project marks the debut of the 40-something Sim in the property development arena. The founding partner of Singapore-headquartered Eco-Id Architect and Design Consultancy Ptd Ltd, Sim has been practising architecture for more than a decade, designing boutique hotels around the world. So, it is not as if property development opportunities had not knocked on his door.

Sim was on one his regular business trips to Bangkok (where he has an office) when he met Lee at Bangkok Metropolitan — of which Eco-Id was the lead design consultant. As fate would have it, things fell into place very quickly soon after that meeting. Lee stumbled upon a 0.5-acre tract on Damansara Heights that was available for development. The feasibility study was carried out, followed by concept and sketches of the brain-wave.

Together with Sim, she spoke to property managers and investors around Asia while fine-tuning the concept for Clearwater Residence. Well-known Singaporean advertising art director Theseus Chan was roped in to help put concepts on paper. And eventually, the marketing and management team was formed.

Dian Lee graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Professional Communication and Marketing. While Down Under, she was executive director of Country Heights (Australia) Pte Ltd, actively overseeing her family’s property investments in Australia. During semester breaks in the last two years, she was back in Malaysia playing the role of special assistant to her dad, handling a portfolio of property and hotel management projects. And this was her choice. “I get to meet and be exposed to interesting people. As his assistant, I follow him around and do the necessary follow-ups and events for him,” Lee told The Edge. “Ever since I can remember, I have been interning with my father during my summer breaks.” Lee attributes her attention to details to her dad. “I have a visionary father, whose entrepreneurship inspires me. He’s extraordinary; he started with nothing… I remember when I was 15 years old when he rushed the building of the Palace of the Golden Horses in time for the G15 meeting. He was practically staying on site for three months! I saw for myself the progress of the project — from the model to construction and then reality. It was so amazing.”Reported The Edge

It look like she work like those second generation of tycoon....Donald Trump in US who famous for The Apprentice.

Donald Trump move from her father's low cost house to upmarket customer today after he taste the wealthy person lifestyle. Dian Lee of course taste the wealthy person lifestyle when she grow up. The difference is Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew's Country Height already target upmarket customer from the beginning.

Another different between Dian Lee and Carmen Chua other than she is independent from her father is.......Dian Lee is married!


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