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Friday, January 12, 2007

Best Analyst 2006 in Malaysia

The year end issue of The Edge feature the Best analyst in 2006:

First place: Stephen Hagger strategist, Credit Suisse
Second place: Tan Ting Min analyst, Credit Suisse
Third place: Gan Kim Khoon executive director, AmResearch Sdn Bhd

Top Three Research House in 2006:

Credit Suisse
JP Morgan

What intriguing me was Muhibbah Engineering (M) Bhd rated as Best call Awards 2006. It was the only stock with more than two nominations (Muhibbah received three) and its value has grown almost fourfold since the earliest "buy" call on it. Wrote Cindy Yeap of The Edge.

Kevin Khoo Hsien Ming, who is attached to Asia Analytica Sdn Bhd, was the earliest amongst the entries to issue an extensive report and call a "buy" on Muhibbah, way back in September 2005.

My blog feature the company on 5th April 2006, as Likely Hyundai of Malaysia .


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Top 8 highest hit page on my blog in 2006

Top 8 highest hit page on my blog in 2006

1 Home page

2 Malaysia's richest 40

3 Ananda Krishnan's empire missing link

This is a posting in year 2005 but still get top 3 highest hit in 2006. Thank you Maxis and Astro Sucker who post a comment on that provide a link to such page.

4 GST and Income Tax

Again this page posted in 2005. This could be a link at the bottom of my home page.

5 Racists opinion in Prime Minister of Malaysia's website

This is also a posted in 2005. Thank you UMNO-reform

6 January 2006 archive

7 December 2005 archive

8 The most competitive bumiputra CEO in Malaysia 2005

I discover that my conclusion of" most competitive bumiputra CEO in 2005" is wrong as MISC result in those year including profit on disposal of ship which is on off, non recurring profit.

In developed country where Merger & acquisition(M&A) are normal. It is difficult to separate an "Extraordinary Item" from ordinary profit. However, in the above MISC case. It proved that the new accounting standard was creating confusion to investor as M&A was not as frequent as companies in developed countries. This cause profit in company like MISC become unsustainable and investor might make mistake base on such new Financial Reporting Standard.

Conclusion: It look like my post in 2005 has more quality than my recent post. Maybe it's time for improvement.