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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

From Char Kuay Teow to Bio-technology.

INS Bioscience Bhd published its prospectus yesterday,which will be listed on Mesdaq end of July 2005.

Datuk David Yeat Sew Chuong, never went to university, started as a hawker selling "char kuay teow". He later join a direct selling company on a part time basis.

He form his own direct selling company after that and nearly bankrupt once.

He venture into high-tech industry via become a distributor of Digital dictionary imported from Taiwan. The margin for Digital dictionary diminished when everybody enter this industry.

He then venture to sell wheat grass, INS wheat grass is the only branded wheat grass in Malaysia.

We have a lot of company venture into healthcare product. A few even have listed on bursa Malaysia. But only a few invested in Research & Development(R&D) or bio-technology. Majority of them are marketing orientated company rather than R&D driven company.

With the listing of INS Bioscience Bhd on Mesdaq as a bio-technology company. He is one of the rising star in our country bio-technology industry.

Without any tertiary qualification. A person can become a successfully entrepreneur, techpreneur or bio-techpreneur.

What are you waiting for if you are a graduate?



miracle8 said...

I lost 8 kilos on the INS product leh. Amazing product. Freaking expensive too!
I hope graduates would be more inspired to come up with business ideas and solutions rather than quitting their studies and trying to be Datuk David wannabes after reading this. :P
But it does give a lot of us things to think about.

Anonymous said...

That is amazing, did you continue with your regular meals when you took INS wheat grass? How much is it selling?

--Old Man

Anonymous said...

Ok guys, I just looked at INS products, more or less what they are making and selling has been in the market at least over 15 years or more. Nothing new, but where their strenght lies is in multi-level marketing -:) Hence, From Char Kuah Teow to multi-level marketing that's more like it.

--Old Man

Peter said...

Hi Old Man,

Thank you for your comment.

Multilevel marketing like retail shop, supermarket, hypermarket hawker,wholeseller, webstore etc. Its just a form of delivery or distribution system. I feel nothing wrong.

Further, multilevel marketing is more difficult business. Did you hear any multilevel marketing company in Malaysia that able to sustain more that 20 years? Other than foreign company like Amway or Avon.

Datuk David also nearly gone bankrupt once but able to gone thought via support from shareholders.

Each shareholders have to take out whatever credit card they have and withdraw money from their credit card to finance the company so that the company need not closed down or retrench any staff.

As you mentioned. The company has exit more than 10 years. This is not an easy task especially in this kind of business.

miracle8 said...

Hi old man,
nope, you cant take any other food except blended carrot and apple juice for two weeks. And drink lots of water. There are 8 sachets of different meal replacement packs every day and you have to adhere to the strict timetable when consuming them. After the two weeks period, you are supposed to take the laxative tea for another 2 weeks. Total cost almost RM3000. Ok if you have free time to spare because you have to drink the meal replacements so many times a day. I did it before I started working so it was ok.

Anonymous said...


What I meant was the types of products they are selling has been around (i.e in countries like the USA)

Nowadays, if you say or you do anything anything that is remotely related to Biotech, it catches people's attention, since that is the current trend. But is the biotechnology something new or its a repackaging of what already existed in some form or rather...?

Multi-level marketing business is tough business, but if one succeed it can be very rewarding. There will come a point where these sought of business model cannot hold its own weight, the companies you gave as examples has hit a growth plateau.

It is quite common to use credit card these days whether to start-up or to sustain a business during a crisis.

This is not to be-little the efforts of the Datuk or anybody else.

I just felt that we need to be extremely careful with these companies that capitalize on "market fashion trends." (Biotech)

Are they really of substance or vapourware?

One thing I can say, the Datuk is very adaptable. But once a company start to grow, it would need to put in place the systems and processes to support the growth, how those assets are utilize, and whether they can still remain agile only tomorrow can tell.

Anonymous said...


Wah, you are rich and is willing to spent on this.

Ok, what you mentioned, is that you went through a very detoxification process. There are quite a few companies doing these, what comes to my mine is for example - New Life.

You can get the same effect by following similar regiment, but make your own yogurt, buy some pysillium for detox, eat fruits, drinks lots of water, and excercise. (no food after 6pm) That should save you a whole lot. What I am telling you is a proven method, use by weight reduction specialist in the United States Jenny Craig. I have seen my friends lost 20 kg.

-- Old Man

miracle8 said...

Thanks for the tips Old Man. Contrary to what you think, I am far from rich. There is a "wonderful" tool called instalment. Finished paying for it after 4 months. Well, when the doctor says you are overweight, I suppose one would do almost anything to get rid of the lemak.
One nagging question though. How come Datuk David did not lose weight? I wonder if he uses his own products. :P

Anonymous said...


Aiyo, Datuk has got no time to go through that sought of regiment that you went through. Losing weight is tough, requires lots of discipline, when he is so busy "looking for money" where would he find time to look after his health?

Seriously, if you could have gone on a juice diet, you really don't need those "package products" it shows that you have what it takes to do it without an installment plan. Bravo!

Old Man

miracle8 said...

Hi Old man,
I don't think it is a matter of whether Datuk is free or not to try out his products, but it is a matter of product confidence. I personally believe that if you sell something, you must believe that it works, and that it works for you. If not, how are you going to convince your potential customers that the product is effective? And how would you know what complications the customer may experience if he or she uses the product? Would you sell something that you don't use or believe in? That would be duping customers don't you think?

The thing about human body is that even as you are losing weight, you need the basic nutrients as well. While drinking juices and making your own yogurt may work, the problem is while you can lose weight, your body may suffer complications at a later stage because you deprived your body from essential nutrients. That is why meal replacements come in. It is not just a pile of mush to make you feel full so that you don't eat, but it is a blend of vital vitamins and minerals to ensure that your body can still sustain your daily activity even when you are not taking normal foods. I am sure most of us want to lose weight but not our life.

Anonymous said...

Miracle 8,

I agree losing weight without the proper dietary inputs will make a person very weak. In fact, all the natural types of dietary inputs, ie, vegetables, fruits, yogurt, fish, herbs, can be procure without much difficulty. The issue is really about time, whether you have the time to measure the right quantity and make it for yourself. If you don't, you will have to buy ready make stuff that are more likely to have been process even for this purpose.

Without the discipline that you went through, Datuk can ingest his own products, but it won't make much of a difference. It would be problematic for him to tell people he took his own products, but there is no show for it. It is not the product alone, but a change in lifestyle.

What does it mean to promote health, when he is not living his own message?

-- Old Man

sinterjen said...

wauh..... Datuk David is very success man.
i wanna be like you
success with happiness