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Monday, January 02, 2006

Loser in Malaysia stock market in year 2005

1. Datuk Chin Chan Leong, Fountain View Development Bhd

Fountain View Development shares prices fell from RM5 to 40 sen in the space of three weeks, wiping out RM1.8billion in value and triggering mild panic amongst investors, stockbrokers and banks. The fall of shares price has affected the business of Bukit Cerakah project of the company. His case with Securities Commission is pending.

2 Tan Sri Datuk Lau Ban Tin

Tan Sri Datuk Lau Ban Tin is a property developer in Klang and Shah Alam. He has acquired two Sarawak base company BIG Industries Bhd and Ngiu Kee Corp (M) Bhd.

Both BIG and Ngiu Kee shares price hit limit down after Fountain View incident above.

Tan Sri Lau Ban Tin theaten to sue the bank of withdrawer of facilities but no news after that.

Being a property developer and control an industrial gas company. This is just like the beginning of IOI group where IOI was a industry gas company at one point of time. The limit down and force selling definitely put his ambitious to become another IOI group on hold.

3 Tan Sri Chan Ah Chye, Talam

Tan Sri Chan Ah Chye of Talam Group, is still in negotiation to disposed of part of his shares in Kumpulan Europlus Berhad to IJM Group. However, his private company Intelbest Sdn Bhd is still recruiting staff agressively since the first half of 2005! Thus, I feel is still too early to write him off.

4. Teoh brothers of Kumpulan Emas

Teoh brothers, who started from Summit Square project in Selayang has control a few company under Kumpulan Emas Group. Plaza Summit in Subang and South City Plaza in Seri Kembangan are the group properties. Kumpulan Emas has an 11.28% stake in property developer Meda Inc Bhd and a 23% stake in SEGi. In June, the group disposed of its 32.48% stake in water engineering firm Salcon Engineering Bhd. Salcon is considered as one of the group's best asset.

On Nov 11, Datuk Hii Chii Kok, the chief executive officer of SEG International Bhd (SEGi), announced that as at Nov 8, he owned 32.85 million Kumpulan Emas shares, or a 5.05% stake.

On Dec 23 2005, Kumpulan Emas Bhd shareholders will vote at an annual general meeting on a proposal to rename the company EcoFirst Consolidated Bhd.

5. Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani,
Ex-Managing Director,
KFC Holdings and QSR Brands

Datuk Johari Absul Ghani, depite losing control of fast food KFC Holdings Bhd which hold Kentucky chicken franchise in Malaysia, still control CI Holding Bhd. Which hold pepsi franchise in Malaysia.

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Ooi! Back Off! Dont call them losers! They may not do so well all the time. Its not like everyone's perfect, right? You want to act so perfect, go show your perfection somewhere else and not in the field of calling people losers.