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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Which timber company on Bursa Malaysia affected by Pahang's timber freeze?

oOn 22 February 2006, Nanyang Siang Pao reported that about 100 timber factories are affected by the freeze on logging activities and the movement of logs in Pahang.

Today, 1 March 2006, Nanyang Siang Pao further reported that all timber sawn factory in west Pahang will run out of raw material and have to cease operation next week. More than 10 thousand people has been affected by the freeze including timber logging company, timber sawn miller factory, transporter, foreign factory worker etc. More than 10 thousand people became jobless because of the freeze.

Timber logging company from other state capitalize on the situation by charging higher price on timber log. However, this is on a willing buyer and willing seller basis.

A few sawn timber factory in the Pahang state have to cease operation today while the other are expected to cease operation next week.

Which listed company on Bursa Malaysia affected by the freeze? Pahang State Development Corporation only hold two public listed company: Pasdec Holding Berhad and Far East Holding Berhad, property development company and plantation company. No sawn timber company. No wonder the state government not hesitate on the freeze.

Timber log company from other state will be a gainer as there able to charge supernormal price. You might able to make some money if you able to guess one.

Link: The Star

Update: Pahang lifts logging freeze


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