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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Single party of Barisan Nasional! How?

When Datuk Seri Najib take over  as Prime Minister of Malaysia  from Tun Abdullah after 308 election in 2008. Many political colunist link it to his father take over when Alliance loss in 1969. Actualy, I am thinking he will follow his father footstep to reform BN like his father change Alliance to become coliation BN now.

Actually, BN, effectivelly found by his father Tun Abdul Razak, transform from the then Alliance. But, to my surprise, he never did anything on BN at that point. In fact, even party nearly wipe like People's Progressive Party  was allowed continue to exist. this might be due to promised made by his father when BN was form. The reason his father managed to win back 2/3 majority after 1969 election but not him in 505 2013 might be due to he  never reform BN like his father reform Alliance.

Now, The call for reform has been voice out again after May 5 2013 election to transform BN from a current coalition of communal parties into a single , merged multi-racial entity. However, it immediately get some opposition from within UMNO itself. Then, there is some assets issue. Like those media company control by UMNO. Will member willing to share their assets with other component party.

MIC make the first move by start negotiation with MIC president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel, suggested  to combine the People's Progressive Party (PPP), the Indian Progressive Front Malaysia (IPF), Makkal Sakthi and other Indian community-related parties into a single entity.  Indian scholar,NGO and political analyst want the merger .

PPP have a strong present in Perak state especially at local councilar level. MIC will have a strong present in Perak if MIC and PPP merger succeed, after MIC get speaker of Perak again after 308. Then, there is more reason for people to support a party if it has a strong present in a state, if not govern a state.

Sarawak base SUPP have merger talk with MCA before to transform Malaysian Chinese Association into Malaysian Civic Association but fail. SUPP also have merger talk with Gerakan before but was oppose by UMNO at that time. However, UMNO unlikely to oppose this time as both party have so few elected representative to postr a threat to UMNO compare previously. Gerakan have merger talk with MCA twice. Once, for MCA to become Malaysian Citizen Association, but it suggested MCA President to become President of Malaysian Citizen Association. This make President of Gerakan at that time, late Lim Chong Eu not happy and rejected the suggestion. This is because late Lim Chong Eu, Penang Chief Minister at that time was a President of MCA before. Thus, he is a veteren MCA member and a President of MCA even before tha President of MCA become Member of Parliament. Thus, negotiation fail. Then there is another merger suggestion more recently when Ong Ka Ting is President of MCA and Koh Tsu Koon President of Gerakan if not mistaken.

Now, the trio, SUPP, MCA and Gerakan only have a handful of elected representative. Previously, if a President of component party cannot become a President of merger party. The negotiation is likely to fail. But now, it become irrelevant who is President as everybody also not a member of Parliament, a Minister nor a Chief Minister of a state. at least , there is no "loss of face" if I am a elected representation but no hold an important party post. Thus, this become best time to reform. MCA might potentially ger Chief Minister of Penang and have present in Sarawak if merger succeed. A strong appeal to voter to fight Pakatan multi-racial party DAP, who also govern Penang state now

As for UMNO. There is more opposition from member to become multi-racial party like Pakatan's PKR. It doesn't help as it is more difficult for a winner to reform compare to party that have setback in Geneeral Election. Traditionally, only chief of state of BN not hold by UMNO is Penang as Gerakan hold position of Chief of BN. Other Chief of state in UMNO unlikely to give up their position. Thus, the least opposition is to merge Umno with Gerakan. However, unlike MCA, there is no merger talk between UMNO and Gerakan before. Thus, it is more difficult for merger of Gerakan with UMNO than to MCA.

One possibility is Sabah. UMNO can open it Sabah membership to non-bumiputra test the water. Sabah already have non muslim bumiputra member. Different race in East Malaysia also can sit together to have teh tarik.  Unlike in Peninsular Malaysia where you only see same race to have teh tarik on same table together despite other race also have teh tarik within same store. Sarawak also a state with larger number of non Malay civil servant. This is different from West Malaysia where bumiputra claim non-Malay are not interested to joint civil servant. East Malaysia also have hgihest percentage of non-chinese study in chinese vernacular. Which contribute to Chinese vernacular school to become most  "1 Malaysia" school in Malaysia. However, UMNO do not have present in Sarawak. Thus, have to start in Sabah first rather than Sarawak. This is a small but important step for UMNO member to comfortable to become Multi-racial Party like Pakatan's PKR.

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