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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Incest, rape and sunat

Malaysia have a problem of high rape case, or more specifically incest. Usually committed by one race. At one point, one Minister blame it to poverty and structure of housing that resemble pigeon holes in the sky.

Past president of the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM) Dr Tan Loke Mun disagrees that confined and crowded living quarters are breeding grounds for rapists.
“We don’t find an increase of rape in densely populated cities like in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Japan or Scandinavian countries where land is scarce and expensive,” he argues.
Another arguement is on dress code. One race claim a ladies should cover their "aurat" whereas other race claim is their human right for a person to choose their own dress code. The argument has been on for many years and there is no ending of such debate as each race or religion demand other to respect their right.
In fact, Marina Mahathir (daughter of ex-Prime Minister Mahathir) has ask "Find out why" since 2002. Yet there is no answer for more than 10 years.
Two scholar,Dr Rohana Ariffin, retired associate professor of Universiti Sains Malaysia Penang, and her former student Rachel Samuel also done a research on this issue in 2008. Unfortunately, both of them are ladies. How ladies understand what is in mind of a guy? Thus, the research provide no solution until today.

They get answer like "Jika makanan sudah dihidang, kalau saya tak makan, lalat akan turun. Biar saya yang makan (If food is served and I do not eat it, the flies will come. Let me be the one who consumes it). or Nak tidur, bantal pun sampai, kita pun tidurlah (Want to sleep and the pillow is here. May as well sleep on it).

This is a response from a race that fasting for one month every year. Why a person can control their desire on food but not their lust? Further, there is a chinese proverbs said "no matter how fierce a tiger, it won't eat it own son". Why a human want to eat his own daughter or grand daughter and used "lalat" as an excuse? Why people never fast have lower percentage of incest and rape? How they control their lust if they unable to control their desires for food?

In fact,  this case are not only confine to one race in Malaysia. Ladies who travel to Middle East countries also have unpleasant experience despite people in Middle east country never consume alcohol like in India.
One of the different between the race with higher percentage of incest is they have perform "Sunat" whereas the race with lower percentage of incest and rape never perform "Sunat". Does a guy who have perform "Sunat" will be more sensitive as the cover or protection has been removed? Some claim it is less sensitive as they have been used to being unprotected or uncover. But why higher percentage of incest and rape for such race? Perhaps, a more scientific study have to be done.
Jewish also perform "Sunat". But we rarely hear high percentage of incest nor rape case among Jewish? Maybe western person are more open and they never lack opportunity of consenses sex with opposite sex to release their desires. However, a more scientific study need to be done by scholar, ideally, a guy.

I do remember old testament bible also required a person to be "Sunat". But neither Christian nor Catholic require their follower to perform "Sunat" now a day except Jewish. Bible, same with Islam, also stated people who collect interest commit a sin.But now, every bank charge interest in our financial system, which is western financial system, provided you never charge "ah long rate"(Loan shark rate). But muslim still insist to have their own "Islamic finance". But I don't understand why Ah Long was allowed in this country.Shouldn't this is be "most" unislamic industry?

Update 1 : KK cracks down on Ah Long ads..