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Monday, April 10, 2006

Pensonic enter water filtration business

In Malaysia, poor quality of water provided by government has resulted water filtration become a big business. The market is dominated by franchise company like NESH and NEP's Diamond Energy Water and some other various direct selling company.

Pensonic is one of the listed Malaysian electrical home appliance company. Other Malaysian electrical home appliance company that listed on the stock exchange including, multinational Panasonic (Formerly known as Matsushita), air-conditional specialist OYL, manufacturer Khind, trader Pensonic which market product under the same brand and Fiamma Holding Bhd that have numerous brand that including Elba and MEC etc, and I Bhd . Of course, we have other numerous OEM manufacturer that list on the stock exchange. Such OEM manufacturer manufacture for numerous MNC brand but they do not have their own Malaysia brand.

Other than multinational Panasonic, Malaysia most competitive electrical home appliance industry is air-conditional manufacturer OYL as Malaysia is the largest air-conditional exporter in the world. Another Malaysia company that able to compete worldwide is Uchi Technologies Bhd, the company manufacture electronic coffee makers.

With the electrical home appliance slowly dominated by China's low cost manufacture goods. Malaysian company is difficult to become competitive in TV and audio market. Market rumors said that even air-conditional manufacturer OYL was up for sales. Thus, the only way to survive to compete with China low cost manufacturer is like how US and Europe company compete with Japanese a decade ago...... Venture into health care equipment like GE in US and Phillips in Europe.

Pensonic recent venture into water filter and purified system signified a good move by Malaysia electrical home appliance manufacturer. Earlier, Uchi Technologies Bhd also has announced boosting of biotechnology business.


1 comment:

Kancil Killer said...

Pensonic are well known for electronic appliances, especially low cost and poorly built quality electronic applicances. If I would choose electronic appliances, I would never go for Pensonic.

Even their basic rice cooker performing badly.

Pensonic Water Purifier? No thanks. They can't even maintain their primary products quality, not to mention side products.

They should put focus on increasing their electronic appliances quality instead of diversify their product range.