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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

People still circulating Dr Ng Seng's racist remark

I rarely update this blog recently because I was busy on some other work. However, I find the traffic to my website growing without any update on my part. A trace find that the a large portion of the hit go to "Racists opinion in Prime Minister of Malaysia's website".

The traffic was from a website call, which he republished Dr Ng Seng's letter which he claim he had received via an email recently.

The link to my website was a comment(No 8) posted by a lady Midnite Lily base in Sydney.

The reply of Sharizal show that he did not aware that the letter was wrote in 1995 when the Prime Minister's wife pass away.

Previously, we have concluded that the writer Dr Ng Seng (Dr Unsuccessful) was a non-chinese posting as a chinese. Now, as the letter still circulating, we can narrow down our search by analysing who will be beneficial from circulating such letter.

There is no UMNO assembly that required such racist issue to be bought up. In fact, there is by-election held in Melaka and Selangor that Barisan National governement required the support of all race.

Then, who would benefited most from such letter?

With the retirement of Gerakan President Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik, and the speculation that Penang's Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh might move to Central Government to take over Dr Lim's Minister position.

Apparently, the party most beneficial from the letter should be the person in UMNO likely to take over Chief Minister position in Penang.... looking at how UMNO takeover Sabah Chief Minister post.

When UMNO take over Sabah's Chief Minister postion. Even UMNO president and Prime Minister at that point of time, Dr Mahathir disagree as he want to honour his promise to rotate the post, but the move was still organised by UMNO grass root to create a position for themselves as the benefit and temptation for such a powerful high position is simply difficult to resist. Who cares....the feeling of component party. Who cares....national unity. Who cares about peace of the nation. The important things is my greed for power and money

Would Sabah history repeat again in Penang? One advantage is Penang was not under rotation system like Sabah, which cause a lot of uncertainty and policy inconsistency. It look like Gerakan acting President have to remain as Penang's Chief Minister like Sarawak Taib Mahmud and ex-Sabah Chief Minister, PBS's Pairin. MCA already has 4 ministers representing Chinese in cabinet, chinese do not need one more minister from Gerakan. Indian and other race also well represented in cabinet. People want Gerakan to remain in Penang. Penang should not head by UMNO nor MCA, but a multi racial party like Gerakan.


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